Why Staging

Spangle Staging is award-winning home staging company based in Durham region.

We Stage properties to sell. We are a Pickering based and Specializes in luxury home staging and interior Redesign in Canada. Our expert team knows that the first impression matters the most.

We Work with real estate agents, developers, investors, builders, sellers and are also trusted partners in meeting their goals.

Spangle Staging Staged homes, appeal to most buyers and stand out among competing homes. We are backed by experienced, certified designers, who have years of experience in staging.

Our process starts with initial consultation of property and ends with Showcasing.

We are spread all over in Ontario, Canada.

Ritu Sharma is an award-winning interior property stylist and she is focused on creating beautiful interiors in the house. She is involved in decorating from a young age. She has developed an excellent eye for detail and cohesive conceptualization. With her experience and passion in designing, she started her own company Spangle Staging in 2015.

Staging any vacant home requires creativity, design sense, and knowledge of trends in design and real estate. Staging luxury homes need even greater skill and finesse in order to be effective. We have an expert team in planning and selecting furniture and accessories, and arranging them in a way that shows off your home to its benefit so that it appeals to a broad range of buyers.

If looking for Home Staging companies in Markham, GTA, Toronto, Vaughan, and Contact Spangle Staging and get the best services related to home staging.

We are expert in offering the best assistance to our clients and come up with the best outcome for them. Get in touch with us anytime as we are available 24*7 to provide you the best staging service.

Staging benefits

-Staged properties will sell faster when compared with houses that have not been staged. From the date of listing until the day of closing, home staging shortens this time frame, even in a slow real estate market.

-Staged properties can increase the number of offers and selling price in hot markets.

-Professionally staged homes present and show better than competing houses for sale, including new construction homes and higher – priced houses.

-Buyers view professionally staged listings as “well maintained”.

-Photos of professionally staged listings look better on the Real estate listings site, as well as in print.

-Professionally staged listings “STAND-OUT” in prospective buyers’ minds.


-Real Estate Staging Association studied 89 homes in 2012 , that were previously on the market not staged. These 89 homes sat on the market , on the average , for 166 days before the homeowners gave up and called in a professional home stager. Those same homes were staged and received their first offer, on average, 32 days after being professionally staged. This is 81% less time on the market. Nine of these homes had multiple offers.

-Real Estate Staging Association studied 359 homes in 2012 that were staged before they went on the market. These homes, on average , received their first offer in 26 daysafter being professionally staged. Sixty Nine of these homes had multiple offers.

-From a survey by Coldwell Banker Broker on 2772 homes in 8 cities

  •  Homes that were staged sold in 13.8 days.
  •  Homes that were not staged sold in 30.9 days.
  • The staged homes realized on average a 6.4% increase over the list price.

​​-Proctor and Gamble research:

  • Average listing time of a staged property is 13.9 days.
    Staged properties sell at average of 6.4% above listed price.

Frequenty asked questions

There are certain things that you can do yourself to save money and help homestagers for example de-clutter, repairs, cleaning, depersonalize as per Homestagers Recommendations . However, a home stager will help you , if you don’t have time and you are stressed. Get your home staging consultation done, the home stager will provide you with professional advice on what exactly needs to be done to get your home in show-ready condition .

Normally, the real estate agent pays for the initial consultation and seller pays for staging. However, if staging is not recommended by real estate professional, it is recommended that the one of the parties gets the dialogue going. Sometimes realtors might be afraid to suggest home staging because they think their client may feel insulted. In these scenarios Seller should talk to Broker about getting their property staged before it goes in market.

Staging can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars . It depends upon square footage and condition of the property, furniture and accessory rentals or purchases, minor repairs, how much work the owner is willing to do themselves. Our mission is to sell your property with more money and faster, thereby saving money on mortgage, taxes, utilities etc.

Most homeowners are so used to their home’s flows, patterns and decor that they don’t see any flaws. Remember , you have to view your own home through a buyer’s eyes. Hiring a home stager will help your home ready for the market . It is not about personal taste anymore. Home stager will neutralize and depersonalize your property so that all kind of people can visualize as their home.

If you wait and seek home stagers help , if it doesn’t sell then it becomes a stale listing. You’ll get less money, less than the asking price. Buyer’s is smart, he knows that the property is been on the market for a while.

Buyer love move in ready homes. You may not be having budget for doing major renovations but by doing minor renovations like painting, flooring, changing out lighting and plumbing fixtures etc can help you to sell your home faster and with more money. It eliminates the turn-off that buyers will have once they step into the space and it gives an impression of move in ready house.

No, in a hot market home staging helps a property to sell fast and with more money as well as it will help you in getting
multiple offers.
If the market is not hot, home staging will help your property to stand out . Home staging helps increasing value of your
property by reducing expenses (mortgage, taxes, utilities etc) by decreasing the time the home is on the market.